The Steel City in 1902 - Historia Posters
The Steel City in 1902 - Historia Posters
The Steel City in 1902 - Historia Posters
The Steel City in 1902 - Historia Posters
The Steel City in 1902 - Historia Posters
The Steel City in 1902 - Historia Posters
The Steel City in 1902 - Historia Posters

The Steel City in 1902

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The City of Pittsburgh history dates back to 1742 when Queen Alliquippa of the Secena granted 300 acres of land to John Fraser; a fur trader and accomplished frontiersman who fought in the French Indian War and was even aide to then Lieutenant Colonel George Washington. There on the mouth of the Monongahela River, Fraser built a little cabin for himself. He would be the first European settler of the area. 

It's January of 1754, Lt Governor Robert Dinwiddie ordered the construction of Fort Prince George by the advice of then Lt Colonel George Washington in response to rising hostilities with the French. The fort would never be completed. The French forces would mount a surprise attack and took the tiny, barely defended fort. They renamed it to Fort DuQuesne. 

Lt Col. Washington was leading a small force to build a road to Ft. Prince George when he learned of it's surrender. A month later, Washington would lead a small ambush of a Canadian scouting party, killing 10 and took 21 prisoners, many would not escape the ritualistic killings of the accompanying native allies. This was the opening shots of the French and Indian War.

Things did not go well for the British in the war. General Edward Braddock led a disastrous campaign in an attempt to retake Ft Duquesne that ended in his death and the retreat of the British forces. General Forbes made the second attempt with little success. Almost all of the initial attacks were ineffective, they were outmaneuvered by the French Indian forces. The attacks were brought to a standstill. 

The French continued to hold out until November of 1758. Knowing they won't last against an ever-increasing British onslaught, they burned the fort and slipped out in the middle of the night. The British American force would march up to find charred remains and heads of Highlanders on spikes. 

From the ashes, they rebuilt the fort and named it Pittsburg, in honor of the British Prime Minister William Pitt who ordered the operation. The population at that time was 465 people. 

The town of Pittsburg was officially chartered on March 18th, 1816 and Ebenezer Denny became the first official mayor of Pittsburgh. 

By the time of this map's publishing. Pittsburgh had a population of roughly 350,000 people. Andrew Cargenie and Henry Heinz business empires are barely 10 years old. The Pittsburgh Pirates won their second consecutive National League Title in a row. Next year, they'll go on to win a third and played in the first-ever World Series against the Boston Americans, the grandfather of the Boston Red Sox.


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