Shintei - Japanese World Map from 1853 - Historia Posters
Shintei - Japanese World Map from 1853 - Historia Posters

Shintei - Japanese World Map from 1853

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Beautiful Japanese World Map

By: Suido Nakajima. 

Published: 1853

A very interesting 1853 Japanese world map by Suido Nakajima. Presented on Mercator's projection, this map shows a remarkable sophistication and  advancement in Japanese world cartography combined with beautiful traditional Japanese printing styles.This can probably be attributed to the arrival of the American Commodore Matthew Perry in Edo Harbor of the same year, and with his arrival, an explosion of new cartographic ideas. The Japanese map makers no longer had to rely on 17th century Dutch maps acquired via the Dutch East India Company’s (VOC)  for reference. 

Interesting Note:

British Claims to Washington and British Columbia are noted in North America. Australia and the Pacific are accurately rendered, as are the discoveries of Vitus Bering and James Cook in the Arctic. Africa is still vastly unexplored, this was before John Hanning Speke made his expeditions to Africa. Four hemispheres appear in the lower left quadrant, from left, the southern, northern, eastern, and western. All are on a stereographic projection. 


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