Sam Thornton's Mapp of the World - 1702 - Historia Posters
Sam Thornton's Mapp of the World - 1702 - Historia Posters

Sam Thornton's Mapp of the World - 1702

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Title reads: " The new and correct Mapp of the WORLD according to Mercador's projection" 

A large sea-chart of the world on Mercator's Projection. It depicts California as an island, and shows  the Mississippi and the Great Lakes in North America which was at the time the newest updates in world cartography. Thornton also provided great details in the sea trade winds, the time of the year they flow,  as well as seasonal monsoons. 

The map also reveals the routes of such great maritime explorers as

    - Abel Tasman: a Dutch explorer who discovered Tasmania to which he gave his name, New Zealand, and the Fiji Islands.

    - William Dampier: The first English explorer to explore part of Australia and the first person to circumnavigate the world three times. 

    - Edmund Halley: English astronomer and geophysicist who is famous for successfully calculating the orbit of the comet now known as Halley's Comet. 

By: Samuel Thornton circa 1702 - 1707

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Prints: Museum quality prints on thick and durable matte paper which are acid free. They are made to last longer than the antique posters themselves. 

Canvas: Ploy-cotton blend canvas that are about 20 millimeter thick and are fade resistant. They are professionally hand stretched and glued to solid wooden bars and are treated with a matte finish coating. 

Frames: Light weight and durable frames with acrylite front protector that are shatter proof and optically pure. 



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