Herman Moll's Map of the World  - 1736 - Historia Posters
Herman Moll's Map of the World  - 1736 - Historia Posters

Herman Moll's Map of the World - 1736

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Titled: "A new and correct map of the world, laid down according to the newest discoveries, and from the most exact observations."

A beautiful double hemisphere map of the World published in London in 1736 by Herman Moll. It was dedicated to King George II.

Herman Moll was one of the first cartographers to include scientifically accurate maritime wind directions in his maps. Moll believed it would encourage the public's curiosity and interests in maritime exploration and trade. 

The map features California as an island, a common belief at the time. A great river is shown flowing through the continent of America, this was based on discoveries by Baron Lahontan, a French soldier and explorer from French Canada who extensively explored the Mississippi Valley and Wisconsin area. This "long river" is believed to be the Missouri.

Antarctica and most of the North Pole is labeled as "Parts Unknown", although most interestingly there is a note in the Artic area that explains: "The Inhabitants, if any there be who dwell within this circle have continual nights when the Sun is in the Tropic of Cancer, and continual day when in the Tropic of Capricorn". 

Only the Western and Northern Coast of Australia and little part of land called Diemens Land is known. 

The map also depicts a variety of astronomical diagrams with depictions of the planets, the moon, and the solar system theory of Ptolemy and Copernicus. 


By: Herman Moll circa 1736.


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