About Us

Welcome to Historia Posters, we offer the most beautiful and fascinating posters of antique and historical maps dating back to as early as the 1600s.

Our maps make amazing decoration for your living space while giving you a great conversation piece.

At Historia, we are giant history nerds, and are super proud of it. We see historical maps as humanity's baby pictures, or in a way, a year book. Through these historical maps, we get to look back at the world in its youth.

To look at a historical map is to travel through time and teleport ourselves into the minds of our ancestors. In doing so we get to feel all that our ancestors felt; the sense of mystery and wonder when we look at an area that was unexplored and undiscovered, the sense of awe when we marvel at the vast empires and great conquests of history.

In addition to all that awesomeness, it looks pretty dang cool and every time you look, you'll discover something new and learn something interesting about history. The retro and antique aesthetics add instant class and sophistication to your room, regardless if its a dorm room or an elegant fireplace at a villa.

Thank you for checking us out! Grab a poster today!