Robert Greene's New Mapp of the World from 1676

 Titled: " A New Mapp of the World" with beautiful graphical representations of Europe, America, Asia, and Africa.  By: Robert Greene  Published: 1676 This unique map was made by Robert Greene in London. It depicts a double hemisphere style and features hand drawn embellishments that were quite unique for its time. One of the most interesting features of this map is perhaps the depictions of lifestyles and representation of the people of the four continents, most strikingly the depiction of what appears to be cannibalism in America and a centaur in Africa. The representation the continents with both male and...

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Let's get acquainted!

Welcome to Historia Posters, we offer the most beautiful and fascinating posters of antique and historical maps dating back to as early as the 1600s. Give your living space an upgrade in class and sophistication while learning a thing or two about history.  At Historia Posters, the only thing we love more than history is history told with maps. We believe historical maps are like baby pictures, or in a way, a year book  of mankind. Through these historical maps we get to see the world grow up, change, and mature. We get to see the baby pictures of our nation...

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